Elevator Maintenance

Routinely Scheduled Elevator Maintenance
Elevator Technicians offers complete elevator maintenance service. This monthly service includes:
  • cleaning
  • bulb replacement
  • lubrication
  • repair of any parts covered by the Maintenance Agreement
  • monitoring for future equipment repair

Our regular service keeps your elevators running reliably by preventing and identifying potential problems before they happen. Our generous inventory of elevator parts allows us to address issues during the monthly maintenance call. This monthly maintenance program develops familiarity with the elevator equipment and building management team to help us provide the most reliable service to our customers.

Elevator Service Calls
Get answers from a real person with every phone call. When you have a critical problem with your elevator equiment, you need to talk directly with an experienced elevator technician who will handle your call with respect and give you the answers you need. We promote excellent communication with every interaction. Try it - we're here to help you with your elevator question now! (630) 355-3333.

Elevator Oil & Grease Service
On a monthly or quarterly basis, we will examine each elevator and provide a program of lubrication of rails, bearings, relay parts and selectors. This service is ideal for older but functioning elevators that may get low-use. A Maintenance Agreement is not required for this type of service.